About company

SiD Coatings ENG

SiD Coating’s  is a company specializing in the production of primers and topcoats for corrosion protection of steel surfaces. we are Polish company that is developing dynamically and steadily,gaining recognition of customers . We offer a unique reactive paint proven in marine industry-shipbuilding and heavy chemicals environment,based on 97% rectified spirit. SiD Coating’s paints are not only the highest quality products,but also environmental responsability with a view to witch we prepare our paints.

In SiD Coating’s we understand perfectly the specifics of the work of our customers ,so we treat each order individually.Flexibility and openness to the expectation of buyers are the qualities that distinguish us from others, they allowed us to gain trust and dynamic development not only for the Polish market .Our range of products complement the professional advice and support service,which provides a comprehensive approach to the needs of the client. This understanding of business makes us ready to take on any challenge ahead of us.